The Private Horse Owner policy is designed to cover the owner of horses who is not personally involved in the commercial business of training, racing, breeding or boarding of horses, or providing riding instruction or any other commercial equine activity. The policy limits coverage to bodily injury and property damage caused directly by a horse which is owned by the insured and scheduled on the policy.


Owning a horse comes with the risk of a liability lawsuit. ... Our Equine Personal Liability policy provides coverage for accidental bodily injury/property damage to a third party arising out of the use and/or ownership of a horse(s) declared both on and off the premises.

Our Equine Personal Liability policy provides coverage for accidental bodily injury/property damage to a third party arising out of the use and/or ownership of a horse(s) declared both on and off the premises. This policy is NOT meant to cover commercial equine activities (your business).

There are several limits available and you can add your boarding facility to the policy if you need proof of insurance.

Many Homeowners Policies are requiring Horse Owners to have a seperate Personal Horse Owners Policy or a Farm Policy instead of a Homeowners Policy.

Are your horses kept on your own property or property leased to you?


Are your premises or any of your stalls occupied
by horses other than your own?


Are other horse operations conducted on your premises?


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