Truckers who haul live animals have special needs when it comes to insurance and getting the best deal can be tough.

If you are shopping around for a policy that will cover you while hauling livestock, you’ve probably already discovered that most truck insurance companies won’t offer coverage. This is simply because it’s a class of business that has unique risks. You need an insurance company that understands livestock haulers and can properly cover your business at a respectable price. Whether you are hauling pigs, cattle, horses, bulls, or any other livestock, I'm here to help.

Livestock Hauling Risks

  • Escaped Livestock- If your trailer tips over during an accident your livestock might escape and cause other accidents on the road. Recapturing the animals can be a big and costly challenge too.

  • Death or Crippling- Many things can happen while hauling a load that can result in the mortality or injuring of the livestock. From accidents to heat, to issues loading, sometimes the animals will die or become crippled.

  • Deck Collapse– Livestock trailers often have a second or upper deck that can fail and collapse under the weight of the animals and can lead to a devastating loss.

Livestock Cargo Insurance Coverages

Selecting the right coverages for your policy not only safeguards your livelihood, it also reduces your premium. If you haul horse, pig, cattle or other animal loads there are unique risks that you face that demand specialized cargo coverage with that in mind. Some common livestock transport insurance coverages include:.

  • Livestock Transit Coverage (Broad) – This coverage pays for livestock killed or crippled during a run. It covers you regardless of how the livestock or cattle was hurt.

  • Livestock Transit Coverage (Limited) – This coverage pays for livestock killed or crippled during a run but only covers you in circumstances that you choose.

  • Additional Property Coverage – Bullwagons can haul non-living cargo, too. This coverage insures any cargo you haul other than livestock.

  • Carcass Removal – This policy feature pays for the expense to remove any dead animal from your trailer.

  • Coverage after Transit – This coverage is similar to livestock transit coverage but insures the livestock after it’s been unloaded.

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