"Equine Insurance For Every Horse Related Need"

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"Equine Insurance For Every Horse Related Need"
Personal Horse Owners Liability

Now days, if you purchase property or rent, land owners and mortgage companies are requiring Personal Horse Liability Insurance if you own horses in addition to the normal Homeowners. This is because horses are not generally covered in the Homeowners policy.

If you own horses but do not operate a commercial horse business, our private horse owner liability policy can protect you against legal claims that your horse caused bodily injury or property damage to someone on or off your premises. For example, if your horse got loose in the road and caused an accident or injured someone at a show, you could be held liable.

Coverage highlights

Coverage applies on or off premises anywhere in the U.S., Canada, and U.S. territories 
Various limits available  
General liability aggregate limits are 3 times the liability per occurrence limit  
Medical payments up to $5,000 included  
Can be added to your mortality policy 
Coverage is offered for bodily injury and property damage, done only by a horse which is scheduled on this policy. This coverage is not available to individuals involved in commercial equine operations (example: trail rides, riding instruction, race training, commercial breeding, boarding or leasing of horses which you do not own), or if you own more than 10 horses. .

Commercial Equine Operation where the insured is actively involved in breeding, boarding, training, leasing of horses and/or any activity noted above and receives monetary value or other compensation. 

Additional coverages available:

International liability – covers horses taken outside the continental U.S. to specified countries for shows, exhibitions, etc.
Excess or umbrella liability (with limits up to $10 million)

Coverage begins at $175 for up to 5 horses. This rate also depends on the company chosen and the activity of the horses. If you own more than 5 horses or you are involved in any activities with your horses, you may also want to consider a Commercial Policy or Farm Owners policy. If you foster horses or try to rehome horses, you may consider a Non Profit Equine Rescue Policy.