"Equine Insurance For Every Horse Related Need"

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"Equine Insurance For Every Horse Related Need"
Equine / Horse Mortality

Whether you are looking to protect your financial investment or making sure your horse receives the best care in the world, in the event he/she becomes ill or injured Horse Mortality Insurance & Major Medical Insurance is one of the most cost effective ways to achieve both.

A horse is a valuable asset whether owned for pleasure or professional use they require investment and care. Protecting your asset may be costly and can involve more than just feeding, housing and medical attention. If the horse causes property damage or injury, the horse owner is responsible and can be held liable for compensation, if the horse however becomes sick or dies, unexpected medical expenses may arise.

Animal Mortality Coverage – Helps cover costs associated with a horse’s death if caused by a covered accident, injury, sickness, or disease. Theft coverage is also included.

Animal Mortality Limited Coverage – Helps cover costs associated with a horse’s death if caused by a listed covered cause of loss including fire, lightning, windstorm, hail, collision or upset while in transit, accidental shooting, drowning, and more. Theft coverage is also included.

Major Medical Expense Coverage (Optional) – Equine Major Medical can be added as an endorsement to Animal Mortality Coverage. It helps cover costs associated with veterinary medical and surgical expenses incurred to treat a horse as a result of a covered accident, injury, sickness or disease. Various limit of insurance options are available.