"Equine Insurance For Every Horse Related Need"

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"Equine Insurance For Every Horse Related Need"
Equine / Livestock Transport
The need to transport food animals occurs essentially in commercial agriculture and to a lesser extent in the rural or subsistence sector. These animals need to be moved for a number of reasons including marketing, slaughter, re-stocking, from drought areas to better grazing and change of ownership. 

Transport of livestock & horses is undoubtedly the most stressful and injurious stage in the chain of operations between farm and slaughterhouse and contributes significantly to poor animal welfare and loss of production.

A number of factors must be taken into account during the journey in order that the animals do not suffer, become injured or die.

Equine & Livestock Transporters are transporting precious cargo. There are several things an owner can do to prepare the horse(s) and livestock for transport. 

As the owner of the horse(s) or other livestock, even though the transporter is insured, they usually have a limited insurance policy and usually will only be insured for the life of the livestock. As the owner, you may want to consider a separate policy for your horse(s) or livestock. 

As the transporter of the horse(s), here is an outlined list of what an insurance policy can offer. This varies per company.

Policy provides broad form coverage for losses to animals in
transit that are your property or the property of others. Loss
includes death, humane destruction, crippling, bruising, injury
and/or escape of animals.
Coverage Extensions
• Salvage and Recovery Expenses
• Debris Removal Expenses
• Freight Charges
• Theft of the Entire Load
• Vehicle Breakdown
• Loss of Value Due to a Loss Occurrence
• Loading and Unloading Coverage
• Substitution of Vehicles for Inoperable Vehicles
        Available Endorsements*
• Specified Perils Only Coverage
• Death Only Coverage
• Broad Form Perils Only Coverage
• Goods Other Than Animals Endorsement
• Single Trip Limit Increase
• Terminal Coverage for Goods Other Than Animals