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Owning a horse can be an expensive proposition, especially if you aren’t financially prepared. A horse that becomes seriously ill can cost you a fortune in vet bills. Should the worst happen and your horse doesn’t make it, you will not only be emotionally devastated, but you will lose your financial investment as well. If your horse is stolen and not recovered, you’ll be without a horse and without the funds to buy another one. One way to help protect your horse or horse business and your financial investment is to purchase equine insurance.

My first hand knowledge & experience with horses & farm ownership uniquely qualifies me to help you understand the need of equine insurance

I have been involved with horses & competition for over 40 years. I spent many years training, boarding, breeding, raising foals, working with Thoroughbreds, race horses & barrel horses. If you want an Equine Insurance Agent that can relate to your needs & someone that knows horses, then I can help you.

As an Independent Equine Insurance Agent, I specialize in insurance for horse owners & the activities & events. Whether you're looking for a new policy or wanting to renew an existing policy, I'm here to help with that. There's no need to spend all your time searching for quotes. As a Broker, that's my job. I shop for rates and coverage options so you can continue to do what you do. With many companies to choose from, there is no need to go anywhere else. 

As a professional, Independent Insurance Agent / Broker, I work for you. I represent carefully selected A+ rated insurance companies that offer the best coverage, competitive prices & specialize in equine insurance as I do. 

As a horse owner myself, I understand how hard you work & the financial commitment you have made. I am here to help you protect your financial investment and have peace of mind. Over the years, I have dealt with the sick & injured horses, foals born still born, horses that had to be euthanized, colic surgeries, pulled & bowed tendons, navicular, founder, stifle injuries & you name it. For that reason, is why I understand the financial burden it can be all the while you're not financially or emotionally stable to make decisions. 
"Welcome To Jackie Wade Equine Insurance"